X-ray diffraction - PANalytical XPert PRO

Location: Lab 0.7
Responsible: Sónia Pereira and Joana Pinto

Bookings: sp@uninova.pt; jdvp@fct.unl.pt

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Description: With the X-ray diffractometer (PANalytical's X'Pert PRO MRD) available at CENIMAT-I3N, patterns can be obtained in the following configurations:

* The standard diffraction geometry of Bragg-Brentano is possible, where lattice planes are measured that are parallel to the sample surface. Diffraction angle can be as low as 5º.

* In Grazing incidence X-ray diffraction (GIXRD), it can be confined that most of (or all of) the incident X-ray beam is within the samples such as thin film. This is possible because the penetration depth is significantly reduced due to the low angle of incidence of the X-rays.

* Micro-diffraction analysis is available to investigate a small sample or a selected spot on a sample. With the available hardware, it is possible to produce an incident X-ray beam with a diameter of 100 µm.

* Non-ambient diffraction is possible to get information about the changes in the sample as a function of temperature (from room temperature to 1200ºC). In future, chemical reactions with the gas phase can be measured in situ that gives direct information about reaction kinetics.

* Source of X-rays is Cu K-alpha (wavelength 1.540598 Å)