Inkjet printer - PixDro LP50

Location: Lab 0.5
Responsible: Daniela Salgueiro
Description: The PixDro LP50 Inkjet Printer is an entry level R&D inkjet system. It is designed for evaluation and development of inkjet materials as well as research and development of inkjet processes and applications.

Main Features LP50:
1. Accurate printing platform for research and product/application development.
2. A4 substrate carrier with vacuum clamp and heating elements.
3. Open to various types of industrial print heads.
- PixDro PL128
- XAAR, HSS 1001, XJ126
- Dimatix Spectra SE/SL/SM/SQ, SE3/SX3, Q-class
- Trident PixelJET-64 and 256JET-D.
4. Easy, fast and accurate exchange between print heads and print head types.
5. High chemical resistant ink supply system, easy to exchange.
6. Maintenance functions, jetting, vacuum capping, print head purge and wiping.
7. Ease of operation:
- Intuitive user interface, guiding starters into inkjet technology.
- Direct access to printing and jetting parameters.
- Advanced print strategy software, PrintGen.
- Integrated vision systems Drop view and Print view, including analysing and calibration software.
8. Enhanced functionality and flexibility:
- Free programmable recipes (script files).
- Vector printing.
- Aux connector, free programmable, enabling interfacing to external or integrated devices.
- Advanced Drop Analyses software (optional), for easy characterization of ink-to- print-head jetting performance.