Sonicator - UP400S

Location: Lab 0.5
Description: The ultrasonic processor generates a longitudinal mechanical vibrations by means of electric excitation (reverse piezoelectric effect) with a frequency of 24kHz. The power output of the processor can be adjusted between 20% and 100% of the maximum output. It can be used in continuous or in pulse mode (for temperature sensitive samples) or controled with a computer interface. It can be used in liquid or solid/granular samples.

The ultrasound causes cavitation in the liquid, wich can be used for disintegration, homogenisation and cleaning. Solid bodies can be placed in a liquid for acoustic irradiation(e.g. for removing paint).

Areas of use:
biology, medicine, chemistry and engineering.

In biology, medicine and chemistry laboratories it is used for:
- Disintegration on homogenisation of liquids
- Fine screening granular substances
- Intensive cleaning of flat substrates
- FIA in biochemistry

In engineering:
- Thermoplastic deformation
- Removing protective coats