Spectral Response and Quantum efficiency Measurement - System

Location: Optical Lab - CEMOP
Responsible: Manuel Mendes

Description: The system is capable of measuring the spectral response and quantum efficiency of any kind of photovoltaic devices, such as single or multi junction solar cells or sensors in an area up to 29mm2 and in the light wavelength range from 400 to 1400nm. It is also possible to apply light or voltage bias up to 10V during the measurements. The measurements can be performed manually or automatically with a computer.
The setup consists on the following elements and characteristics:
• Newport high performance sealed hole table top
• High current power supply from Eurosep Instruments
• 75W Xenon XBO lamp from Osram
• Monochromator H10 IR from Jobin Yvon with 0,5, 1 and 2mm slits and a linear dispersion of 16nm/mm
• Optical fiber with 2 way splitter
• Source-Measure Unit Keithley 236
• IBM type Personal Computer (with data acquisition software Monocrom)
• Radiometer IL1700 from International Light with a silicon or germanium sensor