The fascination of discoveries – tales from two countries - Lisbon 2nd-3rd of May

Prof. Elvira Fortunato has been asked by the office of the Prime Minister to speak about the importance of the High Level Group of EU where she is Chief Science Advisor as well as about the excellent work done by i3N in particular with the 6 ERCs already granted.  
Symposia themes will include Electronic and Optical Materials, Energy and Environmental Materials, Biomaterials, and Advanced Functional and Structured Materials, spanning scales from nano to macro and hard materials to polymers.
A Professora Elvira Fortunato, vice-reitora da NOVA e docente e investigadora da FCT NOVA, lidera a equipa portuguesa.

Professor Rodrigo Martins com Donna Strickland, prémio nobel da fisica 2018 na reunião BRIEFE 2019, Bordéus 21 De Março, França.

"Qual a nacionalidade dos inventores do transístor de papel?" - Portugueses criam transístor de papel que vai à final do Prémio Europeu do Inventor.
A cientista portuguesa é pioneira mundial na electrónica de papel. Negoceia sempre o preço dos materiais que compra para o laboratório e reclama perante um mau serviço.
The next webinar titled ‘Innovation and Transfer Management in Science and Industry” is provided by  Prof. Dr. rer.nat  Lutz Engisch from University of Applied Science Leipzig/ Institute for Printing, Processing and Packaging Leipzig and will be held on 19th February 2019, at 2PM UK time.
For more information and Registration, here.
Vice-Reitora da NOVA recebeu hoje o Prémio anual “Personalidades Femininas” LUX, na categoria de Negócios.
This new program replaces the former joint Business Idea Competition and is dedicated to support business creation by idea holders.
EIT JumpStarter Competition is an innovation contest aiming to reach out, identify and support the best ideas from researchers, professionals and early-stage start-ups, with a potential impact in the Raw Materials Value Chain.
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