Structural Materials (SM)

The Structural Materials RG has been focusing its activity on the production of nanostructured materials (metals, ceramics, and composites) as well as on techniques of micro and nano-characterization applied to technological materials and to cultural heritage assets.
The group develops material behavior prediction and process simulation building upon existing knowledge on structural, mechanical, and thermal characterization at various scales, along with new functionally graded alloys and composites through severe plastic deformation, and the generation of micro to nanoscale structural transitions in bulk materials, namely in shape memory alloys. The group develops anepectic metamaterials for biomedical and structural applications and glass and glass-nanoceramic particle composites with advanced thermal, electrical and optical properties. 
The group has a relevant activity in the application of elemental and microstructural laboratory techniques and the use of large-scale facilities (synchrotron radiation) for the study of raw materials, minerals and inorganic materials at the micro and nano structural scales. Among the Cultural Heritage studies it is highlighted the structural assessment of archaeological and historical materials such as metals, ceramics, glasses, mortars and stones, including the characterization and appraisal of degradation products and developing mechanisms that contribute to preservation strategies