Chamber for high / low temperature (from -80 to 200ºC) mechanical tests to fit in the Shimadzu AG-50kN Universal Test Machine (design by K.K. Mahesh, F.M. Braz Fernandes; construction by Termolab). Device developed in the framework of the project “Smart Composites”.
Electrical resistivity measurement system for the temperature range -120 to +140ºC (design and construction by K.K. Mahesh).
System for rotation/flexion testing of endodontic files (design by Sancho V. Correia, F.M. Braz Fernandes). Device developed in the framework of the PhD thesis of Sancho Correia (defence scheduled for September 2009).
Mould for fabrication of polymer matrix composite reinforced by aligned fibers of Ni-Ti shape memory alloys (design by Ricardo Nascimento, Alexandre Velhinho). Device developed in the framework of the MSc thesis of Ricardo Nascimento (defended 20/03/2009) and the FCT/MCTES project “Smart Composites”.
Homemade acrylic cells for electrochemical essays (open circuit potential, voltammetry and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy) in flat samples. Optional immersed areas are 10, 30 and 120 mm2 for a 300 ml aqueous solution.


Design (by CENIMAT) and construction (by TERMOLAB) of a chamber adapted to tensile machine Shimadzu NG-50kN, allowing mechanical tests to be performed between -100 to 200ºC.
Prototype for flexion tests of Ni-Ti wires under controlled temperature (from 3ºC to 60ºC).


Design (by A. Velhinho , C.M. Craciunescu, F.M. Braz Fernandes,) and construction (by Arsenal do Alfeite) of a tool for severe plastic deformation by ECAP.
C.M. Craciunescu, F.M. Braz Fernandes: Device for electrical resisitivity measurement during XRD in situ (from -180 to 450ºC).