Soft and Biofunctional Materials Group (SBMG)


The Soft Matter and bio-functional materials group focus its activities in three main research lines: i. Nanostructures, nanodevices and microsystems, ii. Structural functional and smart materials, and iii. Flexible electronics and photonics.
The group studies concern cellulose nano objects, liquid crystalline cellulose and liquid crystal based soft systems, colloids, macromolecular systems, elastomeric Janus particles, biomaterials and biodevices. Considering these types of complex fluids and soft materials the group is much involved in applying solid state NMR, magnetic resonance micro-imaging, NMR velocimetry and diffusometry, rheometry and rheo-NMR techniques to study their molecular structure, dynamics and flow behavior. The group is also interested in the liquid crystalline materials for electro-optical applications, like for instance, the development and optimization of liquid crystal based light shutter devices, that can be used as smart windows or dynamic scattering layers for solar cells. The group is involved in national and European projects.