Hall effect - BioRad HL5500

Location: Lab 0.2
Responsible: Pedro Barquinha
Description: The HL5500PC is a high-performance Hall Effect Measurement System with a 0.5 permanent magnet. It enables measurement of resistivity, carrier concentration and mobility on a wide range of semiconductors and with minimum effort in sample preparation. It is designed as a modular system and the basic instrument can measure sheet resistivities up to a few MOhm/square and Hall voltages of a few μV.
The high impedance/current source option, extended sheet resistivity measurement capability to 100GΩ/ and source currents as low as 1pA. Close proximity of the module to the sample, along with the use of driven guards, ensures minimization of cable capacitance effects.
The system is able to take measurements  from 90K to 500K.