Semiconductor parameter analyzers

Location: Lab 0.7
Responsible: Pedro Barquinha and Joana Pinto

Description: Electrical characterization of materials and devices: 2-point-probe and 4-point-probe I-V, Quasi-Static CV, Stress measurements.
Two complete systems:
• HP 4145B semiconductor parameter analyzer + Alessi REL4500 manual probe station
• Agilent 4155C semiconductor parameter analyzer + Cascade Microtech M150 manual probe station + dark box
Each system with 4x Source-Monitor Units (SMUs), 2x Voltage-Monitor Units (VMUs) and 2x Voltage-Source Units (VSUs)
• SMUs resolution – 10 fA/2 µV to 100 mA/100 V
• VMUs allow for 0.2 µV resolution in differential mode
• Sweep, constant and sampling mode I and V stimulus
Both systems with 4 micromanipulators with full triaxial connections for low current measurements (sub-pA)