Kelvin Probe - Ambient KP5000 KP Technology

Location: Lab 0.7
Responsible: Diana Gaspar
Description: The work function (wf) is the least amount of energy required to remove an electron from the surface of a conducting material, to a point just outside the metal with zero kinetic energy. As the electron has to move through the surface region, it’s energy is influenced by the chemical, optical, electric and mechanical characteristics of the region. Hence the wf is an extremely sensitive indicator of surface condition and is affected by absorbed or evaporated layers, surface reconstruction, surface charging, oxide layer imperfections, surface and bulk contamination, etc.
System Features:
* Ambient probe head unit with integral amplifier.
* Standard Tip 2 mm diameter (50 µm diameter option).
* Optical Grade Base, System Mounts with 25.5 mm Manual Translator.
* Dedicated Dell PC with Software and Data Acquisition System
* Vertical Probe Mount as Standard.
* Work Function resolution 1-3 meV with Standard Tip.
* Sample Holder with Gold Reference Sample.
* Faraday Cage.