LED Solar Simulator LSH-7320

Location: Lab 2.20 (CEMOP)
Responsible: Manuel Mendes
The compact and easy to use MiniSol Sun Simulator model LSH-7320 incorporates the benefits of LED technology in a value-priced, flexible solar simulator. The completely independent head includes all controls, LEDs, and optics allowing researchers flexible mounting and orientation options. External remote on/off triggering and long lamp life make remote mounting practical and bring LED technology to applications requiring only certified IEC ABA ratings.

Unlike typical lamp based solar simulators, LED based solar simulators have lamp lifetimes that can exceed 10,000 hours and do not require a long warm up time. Shuttering can be accomplished by simply turning the output on and off; no mechanical shutter is required. Careful attention to the design and the use of solid state LEDs allow the LSH-7320 to be oriented in any position to fit application needs.

Sun Simulator Specifications:
Maximum Solar Cell Dimensions: 51 mm x 51 mm
Alignment: Laser diode based optical alignment
Total Power Output: 110 mW/cm2 (1.1 sun)
Head Rotation: 0-360o
Weight (head only): 4.2 kg
Working Plane Distance: 280 mm
Height Adjustment: 190 mm - 450 mm
Wavelength Range: 400 - 1100 nm
Variable Output Control: 0.1 to 1.1 sun
I/O Connectors: USB 2.0 (B-Type) or BNC TTL for ON/OFF

PV-IV Measurement Setup:
Oriel IV Test Station calculates critical parameters such as short circuit current (Isc), current density (Jsc), open circuit voltage (Voc), fill factor (ff), maximum output power (Pmax), maximum output voltage (Vmax),
maximum output current (Imax) cell efficiency (η), Shunt Resistance (R@Isc), Series Resistance (R@Voc), Shunt Resistance Dark IV (RShunt), and other standard photovoltaic cell parameters.
Voltage range: +/- 60 V
Current range: +/- 3 Amps
Max Output Power: 60 W
Voltage Accuracy: 0.03%
Voltage Resolution: 10 nV
Current Accuracy: 0.12%
Current Resolution: 10 nA
Duration of IV Measurement: 1-58 s

Software: LabView based application