Profilometer - Ambios XP-Plus 200 Stylus

Location: Lab 0.7
Description: The XP-Plus Stylus Profiler is a computerized, high sensitivity surface profiler that measures roughness, waviness, and step height in a variety of applications. It features the ability to measure precision step heights from under 10 angstroms to as large as 1.2 millimeters. The profiler incorporates a new optical deflection height measurement mechanism and magneto static force control system that results in a low force (loads as small as .03 mg) and low inertia stylus assembly.

XP-200 Specifications:
• Vertical range: 10Å to 1.2 mm.
• Vertical resolution: 1 Å in the 2.5 µm range and 100 nm in the 1.2 mm range setting
• Scan Lenght range: 55 mm maximum
• Maximum Sample dimensions: 200mm of diameter and heights up to 55 mm.
• Stage Positioning: Motorized and Programmable
• Sample Viewing :Color Camera
• Zoom Magnification: 40x to 160x
• Stylus (standard): Diamond, 2.5 µ radius
• Stylus Tracking Force: Programmable from 0.03 mg to 10 mg
• Vacuum chuck: Standard

3D surface mapping of a TFT
Analysis with XP-Plus Software
• Roughness, Waviness, Step Height
• Automation: Scan stiching, step detection, profile subtraction
• 3D mapping: high resolution surface maps