TGA-DSC - STA 449 F3 Jupiter

Location: Lab 0.7
Responsible: Alexandra Gonçalves and Ana Pimentel

Description: The Simultaneous Thermal Analyser STA 449 F3 Jupiter is a robust, flexible, easy-to-operate instrument for determining caloric effects (transformation temperatures and enthalpies) and mass change at the same time.
The thermobalance can measure samples up to 35g (resolution of 1 µg). The system can operate in a temperature range between room temperature and 1550ºC).

DSC (Differential Scanning Calorimetry) Features:
Determination of onset, peak, inflection and end temperatures; automatic peak search; transformation enthalpies; comprehensive glass transition analysis; automatic baseline correction; degree of cristallinity; O.I.T (oxidative induction time) evaluation
TG (Thermogravimetry) Features:
Mass changes in % or mg; automatic evaluation of mass change steps; determination of the residual mass; extrapolated onset and end set; peak temperatures of the 1st and 2nd derivates of the mass change curves; automatic baseline correction.