Alexandra Maria Ferreira Gonçalves

Advanced Functional Materials for Micro and Nanotechnologies
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Alexandra Gonçalves received the degree in materials science and engineering, and the M.Sc. degree in food technology from the New University of Lisbon, in 2003 and 2010, respectively. She has been involved in research activities since 2001. She is currently working on chromogenic materials such as V2O5, WO3, TiO2 and VO2. Other research interests includes TCO’s, electrochromic devices, paper based devices and biosensors.

Main publications

A. Gonçalves, J. Resende, A.C. Marques, J.V. Pinto, D. Nunes, A. Marie,  R. Goncalves, L. Pereira, R. Martins, E. Fortunato, “Smart optically active VO2 nanostructured layers applied in roof-type ceramic tiles for energy efficiency”, Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, 150, 1-9, 2016

A. C. Marques, L. Santos, M. N. Costa, J. M. Dantas, P. Duarte, A. Gonçalves, R. Martins, C. A. Salgueiro, E. Fortunato, “Office Paper Platform for Bioelectrochromic Detection of Electrochemically Active Bacteria using Tungsten Trioxide Nanoprobes”, Scientific Reports, 2015, 1-7

Sónia Pereira, Alexandra Gonçalves, Nuno Correia, Joana Pinto, Luís Pereira, Rodrigo Martins, Elvira Fortunato, “Electrochromic behavior of NiO thin films deposited by e-beam evaporation at room temperature”, Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells, 120, 109-115, 2014

Shanmugam Parthiban, Elamurugu Elangovan, P.K. Nayak, Alexandra Goncalves, Daniela Nunes, Luis Pereira, Pedro Barquinha, Tito Busani, Elvira Fortunato, Rodrigo Martins, “Performances of Microcrystalline Zinc Tin Oxide Thin-Film Transistors Processed by Spray Pyrolysis”, Journal of Display Technology, vol.9, 10, 825-831, 2013