Plasma Treatment - Buck Technologien

Location: Lab 0.2
Description: This plasma treatment system is used mainly for surface preparation: plasma cleaning; etching; surface activation; etc. The chamber is 40x35x50 cm3 big. The system can use O2, N2 and Ar gases. 
Note that the gases in the Lab. 2 are shared between various systems, therefore before the use check if nobody else is using the gas that you would like to use. Check also if water and compressed air are connected to the system, and then open their valves. In order to change any parameters of the plasma treatment, a key should be inserted in the system. Note that the unit of the generator power is %, where 100% is 1200W. After the use, keep the system under vacuum (below 20Pa). For more information, read a document with the instructions (placed in the equipment’s log book).