UV lamp (Far UV) – Hamamatsu L11798

Location: Lab 0.2 / 0.5
Responsible: Ana Pimentel and Rita Branquinho

The H2D2 light source unit contains a high-brightness, high-end deuterium lamp (H2D2 lamp) that emits light at a brightness 6 times higher than current deuterium lamps (L2D2 lamps). It is highly stable, comprising air cooling with an operating temperature range of +10 to +40 °C, is equipped with a MgF2 window and has spectral distribution of 115 to 400 nm with maximum emission at 160 nm (λmax=160 nm). The H2D2 can be used in various applications from photodegradation (Lab 0.2) to electronic materials (Lab 0.5).