Profilometer - Dektak 3

Location: Lab 0.7
Responsible: Joana Pinto
Description: Dektak is a profilometer that allows step height detection, and surface roughness analysis in a manual positioning of the sample in a sample stage, with vertical resolution of 10 Å and vertical range from 100 Å. Data is collected on PC.

Dektak Profilometer Specifications
• Vertical range: 100Å to 655 KÅ
• Vertical resolution: 10 Å
• Scan Lenght range: 50µ to 30mm
• Scan Time range: 3s to 50s
• Stylus (standard): Diamond, 12.5 µ radius
• Stylus Tracking Force: Adjustable, 10mg to 50mg
• Maximum Sample Thickness: 20mm
• Sample Stage diameter: 127mm
• Sample stage movement: Translation on X axis: ±10m and on Y axis: ±10mm
• Sample Stage rotation: 360ºcontinuous
• Maximum Sample Weight: 0.5 Kg
• Zoom Magnification: 35x TO 200x