Laboratory of Electronic and Optoelectronic Materials and Devices


I- Production/Processes

Here we have 3 main areas which are:

a) >104 clean classroom with the following facilities: 7 rf magnetron sputtering (one able to process 30 cm × 40 cm area and another with a load-lock); 4 electron gun systems; a spray pyrolysis and a deep coater, all devoted to the production and development of single and multicomponent, undoped and doped oxide semiconductors and high-k dielectrics (simple and multi-structures) such as zinc, tin, zirconium, molybdenum, tungsten vanadium, hafnium, titanium and other composite oxides for different optoelectronic and electronic applications. This area also includes 5 plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposition PECVD, (2 semi-industrials); one hot wire plasma assisted deposition systems, able to process amorphous, nanocrystalline and polycrystalline silicon based materials and devices. The laboratory also has 2 thermal evaporators and an electrodeposition unit for processing metal contacts and joins and atmosphere control furnaces for materials/device treatments.

b) <104 clean classroom with two microwelding systems (wave and dye bond); a double beam YAG laser for scribing films or processing masks with resolutions up to 20 m; a laminator for packaging/encapsulating devices; a dicing saw; and a mechanical scriber.

c) < 103 classroom with 6 automated diffusion furnaces; a LPCVD unit for processing polycrystalline silicon; a dry etching with an end point detector; 3 spinners; a manual and a semi-automatic mask aligner; cleaners; developers and etchers; profilometers and an ellipsometer.

II- Characterization

This laboratory is equipped with a wide range of techniques such as: infrared and visible spectroscopy’s; 2 quantum efficiency (spectral response) systems; 4 solar simulators; PDS and CPM; spectroscopic ellipsometry; FTIR; 3 cryostat units to measure the electrical and optical properties of materials/devices as a function of temperature; DLTS; Hall effect; 2 four probe units to measure the sheet resistance; exodifusion unit; profilometers; in-situ recrystallization unit; gas sensor test unit; C-V system; 2 semiconductor analyser; two microprobe unit station; two wide range microscopes; time transient measurement unit.


 III- Equipments

3D Printer - Form 2
3D Printer - Ultimaker2+
AFM - Asylum MFP3D
Clean Room - Yellow zone
Confocal Microscope – Zeiss LSM 700
Contact angle - Dataphysics OCA15plus
Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) – AvidNano W130i
Electrical conductivity system - Cryostat Biorad CS8900
Film Applicator –BYK Gardner
FTIR -Thermo Nicolet 6700
Hall effect - BioRad HL5500
Inkjet printer - PixDro LP50
Kelvin Probe - Ambient KP5000 KP Technology
Laser System PLS6MW: Cutting and Engraving Machine
Laser System VLS3.50: Cutting and Engraving Machine
LED Solar Simulator LSH-7320
LED Solar Simulator VeraSol LSH-7520
Luminescence Spectrometer - Perkin Elmer LS55
Micro Plate Reader
Microwave synthesizer - Discover SP (2 units)
Optical Microscope – Olympus BX51
Optical Stereo Microscope - Leica M80
Plasma Treatment - Buck Technologien
Potentiostat - Gamry Reference 600
Profilometer - Ambios XP-Plus 200 Stylus
Profilometer - Dektak 3
Quantum Efficiency Measurement - QUANTX-300
Raman Microscope – Renishaw Qontor
Resistivity Measurement - Four Point Probe
Rotary evaporator – Heidolph
SEM - Hitachi TM 3030Plus Tabletop
SEM-FIB – Zeiss Auriga CrossBeam Workstation
Semiconductor parameter analyzers
Sonicator - UP400S
Spectral Response and Quantum efficiency Measurement - System
Spectrometer UV-VIS - Ocean optics HR4000
Spectrometer UV-Vis-NIR - Perkin Elmer Lambda 950
Spectrometer UV-Vis-NIR - Shimadzu UV 3101pc
Spectroscopic Ellipsometer - Horiba-Jobin Yvon
Spin coater - Laurell WS-400-6NPP-LITE
Sputtering system - Home made
Sun Simulator - SPI 240A
TGA-DSC - STA 449 F3 Jupiter
Thermal Cycler - Biorad T100
UV lamp (Far UV) – Hamamatsu L11798
UV-Ozone Cleaner - Novascan PSD-UV
Viscometer - Brookfield CAP 2000+
Xplore Micro Compounder 5
X-ray and Ultraviolet Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS/UPS)
X-ray diffraction - PANalytical XPert PRO