Metallographic samples preparation (Linear Precision Saws)

Linear Precision Saws
Location: Lab 04 CENIMAT
Responsible: Alexandre Velhinho
The IsoMet 4000 Linear Precision Saws (Buehler) cut materials with minimal specimen deformation.
- Operation: Automatic with constant feed rate or SmartCut™ process control
- Feed Rate: 1.2-19mm/min, 0.2-0.3mm increments
- Blade Speed: 200-5000rpm in 50rpm increments
- Wafering Blade Diameters: 75-200mm
- Abrasive Blade Diameters: 125-180mm
- Flow Rate: 3ℓ/min
- Maximum Diameter of Sample: Cutting capacity of up to 70mm, dependent upon vising options
- Maximum Rectangular Sample:150 L x 50 D x 13mm H with 203mm blade
- Cutting Chamber: 406 L x 102 D x 102mm H