FunPaper Lab

Lab responsibles:
Luís Pereira (ext. 11617)

The FunPaper lab is a multidisciplinary lab that allow the development of new concepts and ideas for paper electronics.

This lab has three distinct areas. The first one is equipped with one chemical lab with a working station and lab equipment for manipulation of different materials and ink development, it also has a screen stencil printer, fully automated for mass-manufacturing of printed devices, two office printers, adapted for different inks and devices, a centrifuge and a extruder. The second area is a yellow zone, for handling of UV-sensitive materials and inks. The third area is a production area, dedicated to paper electronics technology, for the production of low cost flexible devices, using different deposition methods, such as a flexoprinter, two piezoelectric inkjet printers, a multicoater with interchangeable heads (dip coating, spray coating, electrospinning and inkjet printing), a spray pyrolisis equipment for large-area manufacturing of devices, two different shear casting equipments, with heated and magnetic beds, a viscometer for measuring ink viscosities, a sonicator, with two interchangeable tips, for suspensions, particle dispersion, homogenization, etc. and a table-top vacuum packaging machine.