Automatic film applicator 2105 S - BYK-Gardner

Location: Fun Paper Lab
Responsible: Cristina Gaspar
An automatic film applicator improves the consistency of a drawdown. When more than one operator is drawing down the same coating or ink, the dry film appearance will vary because of different drawdown techniques. Drawdown speed and pressure on the applicator tool will impact the results. Film thickness, gloss, opacity, and color can vary with differing film applicator techniques. BYK-Gardner offers a large selection of automatic film applicators. The film applicators can accommodate virtually all drawdown chart sizes, applicator bars or wire-wound rods. Film applicators are available with vacuum plates or clip board designs.
The Automatic Film Applicator S has clipboard size platform that will accommodate most drawdown chart sizes.
●    User selectable speed from 50 – 500 mm/sec
●    Small footprint to save on counter space
●    Real time display of the applicator speed
●    Will work with virtually all applicator bars and wire rods
Smaller footprint version of the 2101 Automatic Film Applicator. The Small Film Applicator has a clipboard to hold the drawdown chart. The clipboard size will accommodate a 19 x 26 cm (7.5 x 10.25 in) chart. One stroke length is available.
The weight set is included to hold down the applicator bar when high viscosity coatings or inks are drawn down at a fast speed setting.
▪    Traverse speed: 50 - 500 mm/s
▪    Traverse speed accuracy: 10 mm/s
▪    Display resolution: 10 mm/s
▪    Wire bar diameter: 10 - 13 mm
▪    Wire bar test length: 200 mm max.
▪    Wire bar minimum length: 305 mm
▪    Stroke length: 240 mm
▪    Test panel size: 250 x 195 mm
▪    Preset speed memories: 4
▪    Dimensions: 310 x 200 x 565 mm
▪    Weight: 16.4 kg