Microprocessor controlled centrifuge - Centrofriger BLT

Location: Fun Paper Lab
Responsible: Cristina Gaspar and Diana Gaspar
High speed centrifuge with microprocessor control. Versatile. Large range of rotors and adapters. Maintenance free induction motor drive.
•    Refrigerated, temperature range -12 °C to 40 °C
•    Induction drive maintenance free motor
•    Low noise level 50-60dBa
•    Robust all metal construction:
o    External case made from DUR-Al alloy
o    Internal bowl and top plate all stainless steel
o    Internal steel safety chamber within the case
•    Electronic circuits, microprocessor digital control of all parameters and functions: speed, acceleration, brake, RCF, temperature, timer, 10 program storage, automatic rotor recognition and alarm system
•    Rotor identification head, when the centrifuge lid is closed the rotor communicates all the data of the functions of it. This prevents, before use, any risk of failure of using the wrong rotor in a program or exceeding the rotors running parameters. The advantage of this system is that we can add additional rotors to the range without changing the centrifuge model
•    All Rotors, buckets and adapters are identified with an inalterable engraved laser code
•    Air circulation system, for centrifuges without refrigeration to limit any excessive risein temperature within the centrifuge, all air circulated within the chamber is channelled out of the back and is not re-circulated, this means that the centrifuges internal temperature will remain low and constant
•    Hermetically sealed compressor, mounted on anti-vibration mounts with recirculating evaporator around the centrifuge chamber (only applies to refrigerated centrifuges)
•    Max. Volume: 400 mL
•    Max. number of tubes: 4 x 100 mL
•    Height / Width / Depth (exterior): 34 x 41 x 71 cm
•    Power: 960 W
•    Weight: 39 Kg