Electrical characterization Lab


Lab responsibles:
Pedro Barquinha and Rui Igreja

The electrical characterization lab (1.03 CEMOP) is a space devoted to the evaluation of electric, dielectric and electrochemical properties of materials and devices.
This lab is equipped with multiple manual probe stations and semiconductor parameter analyzers for I-V, C-V, pulsed-IV and time-dependent measurements (e.g. bias stress), from cryogenic temperatures to 300 °C. It also includes potentiostats for electrochemical studies, hall-effect systems and cryogenic chambers with electrometers for analysis of carrier transport in materials. The laboratory is also fully equipped to analyze dielectric materials and sensors, with lock-in amplifiers, spectroscopic impedance analyzers and an RLC bridge. Several oscilloscopes, power supplies, wave generators and high-power LEDs with several wavelengths are available for customizable measurement setups. Finally, in a separated area of the lab a last-generation X-ray and Ultraviolet Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS/UPS) tool is installed for chemical and electronic characterization of materials.