Keithley 4200 SCS semiconductor parameter analyzer + Janis ST-500 cryogenic probe station

Location: Electrical Characterization Lab
Responsible: Pedro Barquinha / Asal Kiazadeh
Setup for I-V, C-V time dependent and pulsed-IV measurements in substrates up to 4” (2” max recommended), on cryogenic probe station with optical arm for light dependent measurements.
•    4x Source-Monitor Units (SMUs): 2x mid-power (100 mA to 100 fA, 200 V to 1 μV) and 2x with preamp for 0.1 fA resolution. Range up to 200 V / 0.1 A
•    Sweep, constant and sampling mode I and V stimulus
•    Multi Frequency Capacitance Measurement Unit (1 kHz to 10 MHz, 30 V built-in DC bias and 200 V DC bias with SMU, CV, C-f and C-t measurement)
•    Ultra-fast pulse measurement unit (40 V, 200 pA measurement resolution, 200 MSa/s simultaneous I and V measure)
•    Automatic switching between all measurement modes (no cabling change needed)
•    4 manual micromanipulators with triaxial and kelvin cabling (sub-pA measurement capability)
•    1 optical arm for connection to optical fiber to perform optical dependent measurements (possibility to directly connect a wide range of high-power LEDs from Thorlabs also available in the lab)
•    Cryogenic operation from 90 to 550 K, with temperature control via Lakeshore 336
•    Turbomolecular pump enabling 10-5 mbar chamber pressure