Asal Kiazadeh

Advanced Functional Materials for Micro and Nanotechnologies
Principal researcher
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Asal received her PhD degree in Electronics and Optoelectronics at University of Algarve in a collaborative project with Philips Research Laboratories,  in December 2013. Her thesis topic was resistive switching memories (memristor devices) based on nanoparticles.
She is a researcher at i3N/CENIMAT of Universidade Nova de Lisboa. Her research aims to investigate the electrical properties of a promising class of amorphous oxide memristors and thin film transistors. The investigated devices are fabricated at CENIMAT in the framework of several research proposals (PhD, Master students), using materials like indium-gallium-zinc oxide, zinc-tin oxide and high-k dielectrics deposited by physical methods and solution processing. Furthermore, she developed a new course entitled Recording Electronic Information (Gravação Electrónica de Informação) for Master students in Micro- and Nanotechnology, Electronics and Informatic (IT). The entire course content (theoretical and practical) was provided and programmed with the help of Dr. Joana Vaz Pinto in 2015.

Currently, she is a principal researcher of the project "NeurOxide" funded through national Portuguese funds by Fundação para a Ciencia e a Tecnologia. The fundamental objective of her work plan is to achieve a full integration of memristive devices and thin-film transistors for the electronic support to develop hardware capable of performing neuromorphic computing and RRAM networks.