Keysight B1500A semiconductor parameter analyzer + Cascade Microtech EPS 150 manual probe station

Location: Electrical Characterization Lab
Responsible: Pedro Barquinha / Asal Kiazadeh
Setup for I-V, C-V and time dependent measurements in substrates up to 6”, at room temperature, with dark box enclosure.
  • 4x Source-Monitor Units (SMUs): 2x mid-power (measurement resolution 10 fA / 0.5 μV, source resolution 50 fA / 25 µV) and 2x high-resolution (measurement resolution 1 fA / 0.5 μV, source resolution 5 fA / 25 µV). Range up to 100 V / 0.1 A
  • Sweep, constant and sampling mode I and V stimulus
  • Multi Frequency Capacitance Measurement Unit (1 kHz to 5 MHz, 25 V built-in DC bias and 100 V DC bias with SMU and Unify Unit, Up to 250 mVrms signal level, 1001 sweep points in CV, C-f and C-t measurement)
  • 6 manual micromanipulators with triaxial cabling (sub-pA measurement capability)
  • Dark box enclosure for light and RF shielding
  • Keysight Desktop EasyExpert software for data acquisition and analysis