Lab responsibles:
Pedro Marques de Almeida and Marta Corvo (ext. 11611 ou 11615)
The NMR lab is a multidisciplinary lab that allow synthesis and characterization of soft materials.
This lab has two main distinct areas, one for chemical synthesis and materials prepara-tion and another for characterization. The chemical area is equipped with typical appa-ratus such as a hotte, rotovapor, heating plates, glove box, oven, and all the necessary lab ware. The characterization area is equipped with a Bruker 300 MHz Solid State NMR spectrometer with an AVANCE III console, allowing the NMR characterization of solids and solutions using techniques such as Diffusion, rheo-NMR or Magnetic Res-onance Imaging (MRI). It is also equipped with a Langmuir–Blodgett apparatus that allows the production of highly organized thin film (typically monolayers) coatings of nanoparticles as well as the measurement of parameters such as concentration-dependence of surface tension. Another equipment available is an optical bench that allows to characterize the interaction of materials with a laser beam, namely by perform-ing electro-optical measurements. The lab is also equipped with a double beam UV-Vis spectrophotometer allowing the measurements of transmissions and absorbance of sam-ples as well as UV-Vis spectrometry.