Marta Cristina Parracho Cançado Corvo

Assistant Researcher
Soft and biofunctional materials group


Marta C. Corvo holds a PhD and a degree in Chemistry, with a specialization in Organic Chemistry from NOVA School of Science and Technology, Portugal. She began her career as an assistant professor at Piaget Institute and NOVA before becoming a post-doctoral fellow focused on CO2 capture and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR). In 2015, she joined CENIMAT and the Soft and Biofunctional Materials Group (SBMG) in the NMR lab.

Currently, she is an assistant researcher in SBMG and participates in graduate and post-graduate courses as an NMR lecturer. She has published numerous works, has one national patent, and two book chapters. She supervised several master’s theses on ionic liquid-derived materials and NMR. Marta Corvo has been a team member in international industry-funded projects (such as PETROBRAS) and various R&D projects. She won a project as NOVAFCT Team Coordinator (CleanART) and served as Principal Investigator for GREENPILs4CO2. She has also secured two CEEC positions.

Marta Corvo’s research in SBMG focuses on ion gels and IL-derived materials for CO2 capture and utilization, and energy applications. She maintains national and international collaborations, conducting NMR studies on o passepolymers and composites. Marta Corvo has supervised one postdoc, two PhD students, and is currently supervising two PhD students. She is also active in science outreach, regularly contributing to the Portuguese Chemical Society Bulletin (QUÍMICA).


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