Rui Alberto Garção Barreira do Nascimento Igreja

Associate Professor
Materials for Electronics, Optoelectronics and Nanotechnologies
1.13 6


Rui Igreja has a background in Physics Engineering and Instrumentation with a PhD in Materials Science -Optoelectronics and Microelectronics. He is currently Associated Professor in the Materials Department at FCT/UNL. Member of the Materials for Optoelectronics and Nanotechnologies Research Group at CENIMAT|i3N associated laboratory, working in Bioelectronics, Sensors and Biosensors, Microfluidics and wearable devices. Involved in more than 20 research projects, national and European.


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Beatriz C., Veigas B., Bettencourt L., Águas H., Fortunato E., Martins R., Baptista, P., Igreja R., Digital Microfluidics-Powered Real-Time Monitoring of Isothermal DNA Amplification of Cancer Biomarker, Biosensors, 12 (4), 201 (2022). DOI:10.1002/admt.202000994.

dos Santos A., Fortunato E., Martins R., Águas H., Igreja R., E‐Skin Piezoresistive Pressure Sensor Combining Laser Engraving and Shrinking Polymeric Films for Health Monitoring Applications, Advanced Materials Interfaces 8 (21), 2100877 2 (2021). DOI: 10.1002/admi.202100877.