ExactaCoat - SONO TEK Corporation

Location: Fun Paper Lab
Responsible: Luís Pereira
Automated, programmable benchtop coating system with coordinated XYZ motion control using Windows-based software and user-friendly teach pendant with trackball. Versatile R&D to mid-volume production thin film coatings.
▪    Work area: 400 x 400 x 100mm
▪    Air: 551.6 kPa (80 PSI) dry unlubricated air
▪    Motors: Brushless DC servo
▪    Ultrasonic nozzle designs: AccuMist, Impact, Vortex, MicroMist, or Propel
▪    Heat and/or vacuum plate (optional): 150, 250C heat/vac or 500C heat
▪    Head configuration (optional): up to two heads (Ultrasonic or Vector)
▪    Common options: Wire/rod coater, Ultrastatic ESC, Nozzle rotate and or tilt, 1 or 2 drawer load system, N2 Rich Environment, LEL Sensors, cleanroom upgrade, aggressive material upgrade
▪    Liquid delivery: Common Liquid Delivery: Syringe pump (standard, Sonic or stirring), gantry mounted syringe pump, MicroFlow, SonoFlow Fusion, HyperFlow catalyst pump
▪    Dimensions: 944 mm W x 831 mm H x 794 mm