Polarized Optical Microscopy – BX51 P

Location: Laboratory 108
Responsible: Susete Fernandes e Ana Almeida

BX51P microscope is a polarizing research tool for the identification of isotropic and anisotropic materials, eutectic mixtures, thin film, polymers and crystal identification. It can work on transmission and reflection mode and is coupled with an Olympus DP73 high-performance Peltier cooled digital color camera. In this system the illumination source is generated by a halogen lamp from Olympus KL 2500 LCD. Our system can be coupled with a hot stage enabling sample examination of all kinds of thermal transitions when the sample is heated or cooled. A Visible spectrometer is also available to attached to the microscope and reflection and transmission spectra can be obtained.

•    Model: BX51P, Olympus
•    360º horizontal rotatable stage
•    Objectives Olympus MPlanFL N: 10x, 20x, 50x
•    U-TAD Plate adapter
•    Quarter wave plate (U-TP137), 530 nm retardation plate
•    Stream Basic v.1.9 Olympus acquisition software.
•    DP73 camera: - 17.3 Megapixel Resolution with 3-CCD Mode Enables Pixel Shifting of 3 Colors
•    Hot stage FP82HT linked to a FP90 control processor, Mettler Toledo (Temperature range RT-375 ºC)
•    VIS Spectrometer SPEC Sense+, Sparspec (operation wavelength range: 300 - 800 nm) with acquisition software Lightscan V1.1.18.