Vilber Lourmat™ Biolink™ BLX UV Crosslinker

Location: Laboratory 106
Responsible: Pedro Silva

Cross-linker Irradiator with a wavelength of 254nm. 2 programming modes: energy or time. For each mode, 9 programs in memory and one free programming input. Memorization of the last irradiation instruction. LED digital display on 14 mm screen. Control window with UV filter. Automatically stops irradiation if the door is opened. Control UV illumination is continuously monitored by a radiometer. Irradiation stops as soon as the amount of programmed energy has been received by the membrane, thus ensuring better reproducibility
•    Source UV: 6 tubes of 8 W
•    programming: 0,00 to 99,99 J/cm2: times from 0 to 999,9 min
•    Dimensions (L x P x H)
o    Chamber: 260 x 330 x 145 mm
o    Overall: 350 x 360 x 305 mm
•    Weight: 10,5 kg
•    Power: 230 V - 50/60 Hz