Centrifuge – HeraeusTM Multifuge X1R

Location: Laboratory 107
Responsible: Susete Fernandes

HeraeusTM Multifuge X1R is a refrigerated midsize bench centrifuge ideal for general purpose applications as compound separation and purification and including of cell culture processing.
Fiberlite F15 8x50mL carbon fiber fixed-angle rotor
Capacity: 8x50 mL or 8x15 mL
Running time: 99 hrs, 59 min. plus hold
Temperature Range: -10º to + 40ºC
Max. speed: 14400 RPM (limited to some centrifuge tubes)
Dimensões: 14.2"H x 24.5"W x 23.8"D
Noise level at maximum speed: <63 dB (A)
Heat dissipation: refrigerated