Contact angle (Static, Dynamic, Tilted, Surface tension and Free Surface Energy)

Location: Laboratory 108
Responsible: Susete Fernandes e Ana Almeida

This equipment allows an optical static and dynamic contact angle measurement and drop contour analysis. It enables the determination of surface and interfacial tension through pendent drop methods and determination of the surface energy of solids through test liquids whose surface tensions including their dispersive and polar parts are known. Its equipped with a tilting base unit that automatically tilts the entire device and an environmental chamber that allows to obtained measurements with control of temperature and humidity. The software also permits to measure contact angles in millimetric fibers.
•    Model: OCA 20, Dataphysics
•    Adjustable in 3 directions via precision axes with hand wheels
•    Single direct dosing system SD-DM with electronic syringe module ESr-N
•    Integrated continuous fine focus, and adjustable observation angle
•    Video measuring system with USB camera
•    LED-lighting with manual and software-controlled intensity including automatic temperature drift compensation
•    Environmental chamber, TFC 100 Pro (temperatures of -10 … 100 °C, in conjunction with a liquid circulator bath)
•    Humidity generator HGC 30 (humidity ranges from 5-90%)
•    Tilting base unit TBU 100 (-5º to + 95º).