Ana Patrícia Correia Almeida

Soft and biofunctional materials group
PhD Student

DCM Gab. - 223 10636
DCM Lab 107d 10617


BSc. degree in Applied Chemistry in 2007 and MSc. degree in Biotechnology in 2009, both from Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa. Ana Almeida is currently a PhD student working in cellulose based liquid crystalline systems for applications in biomimetic sensors. The thesis research is being developed at Cenimat-I3N and DCM under the supervision of Prof. Maria Helena Godinho and Prof. Pedro Almeida. 

Her main research interests are related with the preparation and characterization of the mechanical response of micro and nanofibers networks prepared from liquid crystalline cellulose-based systems and active materials; study of molecular and macroscopic properties and behaviour of soft materials, mainly cellulose-based systems and the development and design of materials inspired by Nature.


Main publications

1. Ana P. C. Almeida, João Oliveira, Susete Fernandes, Maria Helena Figueiredo Godinho, João Canejo, “All-cellulose composite membranes for oil microdroplet collection”, Cellulose, 2020, 4665-4677.  (DOI: 

2. Ana P. C. Almeida, João P. Canejo, Pedro L. Almeida, Maria Helena Godinho, “Cholesteric-type cellulosic structures: from plants to applications”, Liquid Crystals, 2019, 1-13. (DOI: 

3. Ana P. Almeida, João Canejo, Urban Mur, Simon Copar, Pedro L. Almeida, Slobodan Žumer, Maria Helena Godinho, “Spotting plants’ microfilament morphologies and nanostructures”, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 11627, 2019, 13188-13193. (DOI: 

4. Ana P. C. Almeida, João P. Canejo, Susete N. Fernandes, Coro Echeverria, Pedro L. Almeida, and Maria H. Godinho, Cellulose-Based Biomimetics and Their Applications, Advanced Materials, 2017, 1703655. (DOI: This paper was selected by the Editor for the Inside Front Cover DOI:

5. Ana P. C. Almeida, Lara Querciagrossa, Pedro E. S. Silva, Filipa Gonçalves, João P. Canejo, Pedro L. Almeida, Maria Helena Godinho, Claudio Zannoni, “Reversible water driven chirality inversion in celulose-based hélices isolated from Erodium awns”, Soft Matter, 2019, 15, 2828-2847. (DOI:

6. A. C. Trindade, A. P. C. Almeida, J. P. Canejo, P. Patrício, P. Pieranski, M. H. Godinho, Elastomeric patterns probed by a nematic liquid crystal. Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals 657, 2017, 136-146. (DOI:

 7. A. C. Trindade, R. Craveiro, A. P. C. Almeida, J. P. Canejo, A. Paiva, S. Barreiros, M. H. Godinho, Tuning surface wrinkles of Janus spheres in supercritical carbon dioxide. The Journal of Supercritical Fluids 120, 2017, 125-131. (DOI:

8. Ana C. Baptista, Alexandre M. Botas, Ana P.C. Almeida, Ana T. Nicolau, Bruno P. Falcão, Manuel J. Soares, Joaquim P. Leitão, Rodrigo Martins, João P. Borges, Isabel Ferreira. Down conversion photoluminescence on PVP/Ag-nanoparticles electrospun composite fibers. Optical Materials 39, 2015, 278–281. (DOI:

9. A. P. Almeida, S. Rodríguez-Rojo, A. T. Serra, H. Vila-Real, A. L. Simplicio, I. Delgadilho, S. Beirão da Costa, L. Beirão da Costa, I. D. Nogueira, C. M. M. Duarte, Microencapsulation of oregano essential oil in starch-based materials using supercritical fluid technology. Innovative Food Science & Emerging Technologies 20, 2013, 140-145. (DOI: