Trion Phantom 3 reactive ion etcher (RIE-ICP)

Location: Clean room CEMOP – lithography lab
Responsible: Pedro Barquinha
Reactive ion etching tool for up to 6” wafers, multiple gases available (CF4, SF6, Ar, O2), ICP option for high plasma density and endpoint detector for in-situ process monitoring.
-    200 mm bottom electrode
-    Load-lock chamber for substrate loading/unloading
-    Four gas lines (SF6, CF4, Ar and O2)
-    600 W, 13.56 MHz RF generator for RIE
-    Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) source, 600 Watt, 13.56 MHz RF
-    Intellevation laser endpoint detector and software for in-situ etching monitoring
-    Heater/chiller with temperature control from 40 to 150 °C
-    Touch-screen based GUI allowing for manual or automated etching processes