Suss MA6 UV mask aligner

Location: Clean room CEMOP – lithography lab
Responsible: Pedro Barquinha
Manual UV mask aligner able to define and align patterns with features sizes down to 1 µm on substrates up to 6” diameter.
-    350 W Hg lamp (OSRAM HBO 350 W/S)
-    Typical operation in the spectral range of 350-450 nm
-    Band-pass i-line filter available
-    Mask size up to 5x5”
-    Wafer size up to 150 mm
-    Soft, hard, low vacuum and vacuum contact, as well as proximity exposure
-    1 µm exposure and alignment resolution
-    Enhanced Image Storage System (EISS) software for improved alignment capabilities and image capture
-    Optometer with 365/405 nm sensors for lamp calibration