Suss substrate conformable nanoimprint lithography (SCIL)

Location: Clean room CEMOP – lithography lab
Responsible: Pedro Barquinha
Add-on for MA6 aligner allowing to perform nanoimprint lithography on substrates up to 4” diameter using PDMS-based stamps. Depending on stamp quality feature sizes down to 50 nm can be obtained on nanoimprint resist. Capabilities to fabricate rigid masters by e-beam lithography under implementation at CENIMAT.
-    Soft stamp on glass backplate (flexible stamp)
-    Chuck for 4” wafers with wafer thickness compensation
-    Sequential stamp imprint and separation from resist
-    Automated process (manual tunning possible for specific application needs)
-    Good residual layer control
-    High resolution (50 nm line patterns tested) and high uniformity in 4” wafer
-    Low-pressure imprint
-    PDMS stamp manufacturing toolset from rigid masters