Microwave digestion system – CEM Mars one

Microwave digestion system – CEM Mars one (1 unit)
Location: Chemical Lab
Responsible: Ana Pimentel
Microwave technology has become a common tool for chemical synthesis both in academia and industry. Compared to conventional means of synthesis, the advantages of heating with a microwave include: Faster reaction times; improved purity; greater yields; better reproducibility; enhanced reaction control.

CEM Mars one specification:
•    Controls up to 12 vessels, using a contactless IR sensor;
•    Allows precise power input of one to twelve samples;
•    Superior waveguide technology;
•    Automatically shuts off power, if a disturbance is detected during a run;
•    Teflon® turntable weighs less than 4 kg and is HF resistant and corrosion proof;
•    Run a single sample, or up to 12 simultaneously, in a 55 mL or 75 mL volume vessel.