X-ray and Ultraviolet Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS/UPS) Kratos Axis Supra

Location: Surface Analysis Lab
Responsible: Jonas Deuermeier
The Kratos AXIS Supra is based on the proven AXIS technology comprising: magnetic
and electrostatic transfer lenses; co-axial electron only charge neutralisation; spherical mirror and hemispherical electron energy analysers. Kratos developed innovations such as the delay-line detector for spectroscopy and imaging modes and high energy, motorised, X-ray excitation
sources ensure the AXIS Supra is capable of performing in the most demanding
research and development environments. With market leading performance in both
imaging and spectroscopy modes the AXIS Supra combines the highest level of automated sample handling with flexibility to incorporate complimentary analytical techniques in the analysis chamber.

Detailed specifications:
•    Excellent compromise between energy resolution and sensitivity:
o    0.44 eV at 200 kcps (XPS)
o    0.60 eV at 2 Mcps (XPS)
o    0.01 eV at 1 kcps (UPS)
•    Lateral resolution for spectroscopy: 15 µm
•    Imaging capability with lateral resolution of 1 µm and infinite size (by image stitching)
•    Rapid “snapshot” spectroscopy
•    Angle-resolved measurement and azimuthal rotation
•    Pressure in analysis chamber down to 5e-10 Torr
•    Sample holder size 9 x 3 cm
•    165 mm mean radius hemispherical and spherical mirror analyzer
•    Delay-line detector
•    Magnetic immersion lense
•    Electron-only charge neutralization
•    Monochromatic Al source (1486.6 eV) and monochromatic Ag source (2984.3 eV)
•    Argon cluster sputter gun (up to 2000 atoms)
•    Heating and cooling in load-lock and analysis chamber (-120°C to 800°C)
•    Helium discharge lamp for UPS (He I: 21.22 eV, He II: 40.8 eV)
•    Ion scattering spectrometry (ISS)
•    Dual achromatic source (Al/Mg)
•    Sample transfer chamber for transport of air-sensitive samples