Sun Simulator - SPI 240A

Location: Characterization lab
Responsible: Manuel Mendes
Description: The SPI-SUN SIMULATOR 240A tests photovoltaic devices under Air Mass 1.5 Global terrestrial conditions. Using a filtered pulsed Xe light source that closely matches the solar spectrum avoiding the simulator avoids excessive device heating associated with continuous sources. The filtered spectrum meets ASTM and International Class A spectral distributions (ASTM E-927), that contributes to the testing of amorphous as well as crystalline silicon solar cells/modules.
Features: The SUN SIMULATOR provides in addition to an I-V curve display, a parametric evaluation of the solar module, which include: Open circuit voltage (VOC); Short circuit current (ISC); Peak power at load (PVLD); Peak voltage at load (VLD); Peak current at load (IVLD); Cell or module efficiency (EF); Fill factor (FF); Peak power (PMAX); Voltage at peak power (VMAX); Current at peak power (IMAX); Shunt resistance (RSH); Series resistance (RS).
Maximum Module Dimensions:
Maximum Module Length 130 cm
Maximum Module Width 80 cm
Maximum Module Thickness 8 cm
Light Source / Long arc pulsed xenon lamp, filtered to AM1.5 Global Spectrum (ASTM E-927)
Full area intensity 70 - 110 mW/cm2
Lamp lifetime, nominal 10.000.000 flashes
Illumination Uniformity ± 3% over 80 cm x 130 cm
Measurement Range
Voltage (three ranges) 0 - 100V (2V, 25V, 100V)
Current (two ranges) 0 - 20A (2A, 20A)
Voltage 5x10-4 V
Current 5x10-4 A