Anton Paar MCR 502 rotational rheometer

Rheometry Lab (DCM)
Lab responsible: Maria Teresa Cidade (ext. 10606)

The Anton Paar MCR 502 Rotational Rheometer is a compact instrument that allows for any type or combination of rheological tests, both in rotational and oscillatory mode. The modularity of the system allows the integration of a wide range of temperature devices and application-specific accessories. The rheometer in DCM includes a wide range of measurement geometries (cone/plate and parallel plates of different plate and cone radius and cone angle).
Anton Paar MCR 502 Rotational Rheometer may operate in 4 different kind of modes:
Viscometry measures viscosity as a function of shear stress or shear rate. Measurements include single value of shear rate (or stress), table of shear rates (or stresses), continuous shear rate (or stress) ramp (including yield stress) and complex shear rate (or stress) profile.
Oscillation measures the dynamic viscoelastic properties as a function of frequency. Measurements include single frequency, frequency sweep, amplitude sweep, time sweep and temperature sweep (gradient, step change or profile). Tests can be performed at constant stress or constant strain amplitude (under direct control).
Relaxation measures relaxation modulus as a function of time following a step change in strain. The relaxation spectrum and zero shear viscosity can be determined.
Creep and Creep Recovery measures the creep compliance and recoverable compliance as a function of time. User defined sampling modes can be set. Zero shear viscosity and yield stress can be determined.
Temperature control can be isothermal or follow defined gradients or step changes.

Maximum torque: 230 mNm
Minimum torque rotation: 1 nNm
 Minimum torque oscillation: 0.5 nNm
Angular deflection (set value): 0.05 to ∞
Minimum angular velocity: 10-9 rads-1
Maximum angular velocity: 314 rads-1
Maximum speed: 300 min-1
Minimum angular frequency: 10-7 rads-1
Maximum angular frequency: 628 rads-1
Normal force range: 0.005-50 N
Normal force resolution: 0.5 mN
Maximum temperature range: -160 to 1000oC (at present 5 to 400 oC)
TruGapTM: Yes
TruStrainTM and TruRateTM: Yes