Lamp Solar Simulator – Sciencetech SS150

Location: Lab 2.20 (CEMOP)
The solar simulator directs the light beam downwards onto a water-cooled stand where the devices are connected. This stand assures that the distance between the output port and sample platform produces 1 sun intensity (100 mW/cm2 using an AM1.5G filter). This solar simulator has no chromatic aberration and uses a fully reflective design to create uniformity on target spots, maximizing UV throughput.

Class A solar simulator with modular design, including air-cooled arc lamp housing, Xenon lamp, and adjustable power supply with igniter. This solar simulator has one filter holder mounting one 76x76 mm (3"x3") filter. Available Air Mass filters include AM0, AM1.0, AM1.5 direct and global, and AM2.0. Other filters such as dichroic filters and bandpass filters are available for further modification of the spectrum.
Sun Simulator Specifications:
Maximum Solar Cell Dimensions: 100 mm x 100 mm
Working Plane Distance: 760 mm ± 25 mm
Lamp Power: 150 W
Collimation Angle: 2.5 deg half angle
Power Requirements: 100-265 VAC / 10 A