Aim and Mission

CENIMAT/I3N is a national scientific research center sponsored by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education, through the Foundation for Science and Technology. This center has been evaluated by a panel of international experts in the field of Materials Science and Engineering since 1996, who classified it as EXCELLENT. This grade reflects the high technical and scientific merit of the R&D activity carried out by CENIMAT researchers, translated by the quantity and quality of the scientific publications produced and the high number of scientific and technological projects. This same panel of experts also recognized that CENIMAT could be considered at a National level as “a model of excellence in the field of Materials science and engineering”. Since 2006 CENIMAT has integrated the Laboratório Associado” (i3N - Institute for Nanostructures, Nanomodelling and Nanofabrication). It is also associated with the Material Science Department/Departamento de Ciência de Materiais of Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia / Universidade Nova de Lisboa .

CENIMAT/I3N is devoted to develop radical new approaches in the area of Structural Materials; Electronic and Optoelectronic Materials; Polymeric and Mesomorph Materials; Dielectric and Electroactive Materials, involving Nanofabrication and Micro/Nanotechnologies tools, well supported by modeling activities, where emphasis is put on:

  • Nano and micro technologies applied to electronic functional materials;
  • Nanostructured materials for bio-sensors and novel devices;
  • Nanofabrication and flexible electronics;
  • Modeling of nano and mesoscopic bio-fluidics and complex systems;
  • Nanoscale rheology: from biology to frictionless nanomachines.
  • Novel nanostructured polymers, ceramics and dielectrics for bio and electronic applications;
  • Mastering surfaces and interfaces

All these actions are within the mission attributed to CENIMAT in the recent approval of the I3N as one of its members. I3N was created on November 2006 and was the association of three Research Centres classified with Excellent from FCT-MCTES, in the areas of Materials Science (CENIMAT from New University of Lisbon), Polymers and Composite Materials (IPC from Minho University) and Physics and Optoelectronic Systems (FSCOSD, from Aveiro University).
I3N comprises 79 academic staff, 32 post-doctoral associates and 81 PhD/MSc students. The mission of I3N is to promote excellence in nanoscience, nanomaterials and nanotecnologies for socio-economical ends covering the following main areas: Micro- and nanofabrication; Micro- and nanostructured materials; Multi-scale modelling and Physical characterization. Thus, one of the main goals of I3N is the creation, continuation and strengthening of a Portuguese community on nanotechnologies, nanomaterials and nanosciences, able to provide the desirable ad-values deliverables on the optimal R&D activity, towards Excellence in science and technology, in-line with the EU objectives.
I3N also intends to help to improve the required tight relations between industry and University/Institute research centres, in order to be able to answer to the future innovation challenges. This requires a concerted approach at a National level. I3N wants to be the driving force on this topic for consolidating, generating and spreading this excellence, with a durable structuring impact on European research modernization, creativity and innovation.

More Information Available in Advanced Materials Characterization Poster (Pdf) and Adanced Materials and Devices Poster (Pdf) at CENIMAT|i3N.