Laboratory of Nanofabrication



SEM-FIB – Zeiss Auriga CrossBeam Workstation

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New generation of CrossBeam system allowing for unique imaging possibilities, advanced analytics and precise processing at a nanoscale level.

The main features of the equipment are described below:

  •  SEM column 
  •  Schottky Field Emitter, resolution of 1.0 nm @ 15 kV, 1.9 nm @ 1 kV, acceleration voltage between 0.1 and 30 kV. 
  •  FIB column 
  •  Ga liquid metal ion source (LMIS), resolution <7 nm @ 30 kV, acceleration voltage between 1 and 30 kV, probe current between 1 pA and 50 nA. 
  •  Imaging with different detectors 
  •  Everhart-Thornley type SE, In-lens SE and BSD detectors. Possibility of 3D reconstruction using combined SEM and FIB columns. 
  •  Microstructural and chemical analysis 
  •  Oxford INCA Energy 350 (EDS), Oxford HKL Advance, Nordlys II-S (EBSD, EBSD 3D). 
  •  Gas injection system 
  •  Deposition of C, Pt and SiO2, selective etching of dielectrics with XeF2, local charge compensation system to reduce charging effects in non-conductive samples. 
  •  Lithography 
  •  Nanolithography using electrons or ions, milling of imported bitmaps or CAD files, electrostatic beam blanker. 
  •  Heating stage 
  •  Kammrat & Weiss, heating up to 1050 °C for in-situ analysis of sample evolution with temperature. 
  •  Nanoprobes 
  •  4 Kleindiek nanotechnik nanomanipulators for electrical measurements of nanodevices