Laboratory of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance - NMR spectroscopy


The NMR laboratory is equipped with a multinuclear nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer, Bruker Avance III, capable of operating at temperatures as high as 500ºC and resonance frequencies up to 300 MHz, depending on the observed nucleus. With the different existing probe heads it is possible to perform chemical and structural analysis as well as molecular dynamics of different materials, both in the solid and liquid states, in particular polymeric materials. With in-house built accessories, it is also possible to couple rheometric techniques with the NMR (Rheo-NMR), which allows rheological and fluid dynamic studies on a small scale, and valuable information regarding the structure/properties relationships to be obtained. Lately the NMR laboratory has acquired micro-imaging and diffusion facilities, which have become well-established methods in the study of complex materials, as hard porous systems (rocks, sands, composites), plant and animal materials (tissues or organs), and living materials (mice, insects).


The external services of the "Laboratório de RMN do CENIMAT I3N" costs 150€ per operational unit, being the operational unit a time period corresponding to one morning, one afternoon or one night in working days, or full weekend in automatic mode