Laboratory of Dielectric, Magnetic and Optical Characterization of Materials and Sensors

This laboratory is equipped with oscilloscopes, power supplies of low and high voltage, lock-in analyzers, charge amplifiers, vacuum pumps, digital millimeters for the development of prototypes of sensors using electroactive materials. It has also two Impedance analyzer in the frequency range 40-110 MHz., data acquisition system with GPIB plate and LABVIEW software and a computer controlled magnetic histeresigraph. This laboratory allows for the dielectric and ferroelectric characterization of materials and its use in sensorial systems. This laboratory is able to perform a wide range of dielectric, magnetic and optical characterization of materials, mainly for sensors, membranes and electrical cable protection applications such as: complex dielectric constant as a frequency and temperature function, through a RLC bridge; spectroscopic impedance measurements as a function of temperature; Thermally Stimulated Discharge Currents (TSDC); piezoelectric coefficient (d33 ) measurements; measurement of the pyroelectric coefficient using the quasi-static method and the dynamic method; ageing of polymers in a temperature controlled solution; ferroelectric materials polarization; ferroelectric hysteresis measurements; isothermal depolarisations current measurements; and polarization of electrets with corona discharge in a controlled atmosphere.


This laboratory is equipped with oscilloscopes, low and high voltage power supplies, lock-in amplifiers, charge amplifiers, vacuum pumps, multimeters, computer controlled magnetic hysteresigraph and other components needed to analyse and to test prototypes of sensors using electro active materials.