General Use Laboratory

This laboratory has general equipments to assist all R&D groups of CENIMAT, namely related to the production of new materials or samples preparation such as:

  • hydraulic presses;
  • furnaces dedicated to pre-heating of raw materials and to heat treatment of metals and ceramics;
  • vacuum furnace, allowing a maximum working temperature of 1200ºC;
  • rheo-casting system for the production of metal-matrix composites;
  • jaw crusher, hammer mill, and ball mill (for crushing, grinding and milling of wastes and raw materials) heavy media separation system (glass prototype mounting), temperature controlled oil bath (provided of four mechanical stirring leaching systems) and solid-liquid filtration system;
  • polishing machine for metallographic samples preparation;
  • vertical furnace with automatic system of crucible positioning (working temperature up to 1600ºC).