Validating silicon polytrodes with paired juxtacellular recordings: Method and dataset

TitleValidating silicon polytrodes with paired juxtacellular recordings: Method and dataset
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
Authorsb e Neto JP a, e Lopes G a, Frazão J a, e Nogueira J a, Lacerda P a, Baião P a, Aarts A d, Andrei A c, Musa S c, Fortunato E b, Barquinha P b, e Kampff AR a
JournalJournal of Neurophysiology

Cross-validating new methods for recording neural activity is necessary to accurately interpret and compare the signals they measure. Here we describe a procedure for precisely aligning two probes for in vivo "paired-recordings" such that the spiking activity of a single neuron is monitored with both a dense extracellular silicon polytrode and a juxtacellular micropipette. Our new method allows for efficient, reliable, and automated guidance of both probes to the same neural structure with micrometer resolution. We also describe a new dataset of paired-recordings, which is available online. We propose that our novel targeting system, and ever expanding cross-validation dataset, will be vital to the development of new algorithms for automatically detecting/sorting single-units, characterizing new electrode materials/ designs, and resolving nagging questions regarding the origin and nature of extracellular neural signals. © 2016, American Physiological Society. All rights reserved.